Admitad Affiliate Network Review 2021

Admitad Affiliate Network Review 2021

» If you are new in affiliate marketing, you may feel pretty confused about setting up your account to start earning. So you need a trainer to show you how to work on it. Admitad created an affiliate platform providing full features such as training courses, creative solutions, and professional supports. So advertisers and publishers can adapt to a new environment and generate the best results.

What is Admitad?

» Admitad is a global affiliate network that brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them cooperate. Founded in 2009, providing a comprehensive platform including technical support, training, and consulting services, monitoring the quality of affiliates’ work, and offering analytical and other tools, they serve the partners in the best way. So Admitted quickly spreads across the world with 9 brands. Besides, with 1720 programs, over 600k publishers, it created a dynamic and diverse market. Plus, they focus on(Cost per Acquisition) – the best pricing model, which ensures to effectively boost your sales because you only pay for the results. 

How to sign up for an account?

» Applying to Admitad is simple. It takes you a long process to complete the application, though, you can get approval and get started then. Of course, there is a reason for this inconvenience. Admitad wants to understand more your business, support you better and the most important thing is to help you link to suitable affiliates. 

How does it work?

» They believe that Cost per Acquisition (CPA) generates real values for the marketers and decrease the risks. So their platform work on CPS, CPL, CPA, CPC, CPI, which are models for paying for users’ target actions. In this way, advertisers receive positive results and a high ROI (Return on Investment) rate. 

» About the operation process, publishers can send a request to any relevant programs to your niches to promote but advertisers will select the one they want to cooperate with. Because advertisers are people who will pay a commission for publishers when an order is made.

Why should you join Admitad?

Easy navigation

» Admitad has a friendly interface that has built from the experience and demand of users. When joining their platform, it doesn’t take your time to learn about features here. 

A large number of programs and niches

» With over 1700 programs that are offered from famous brands such as AliExpress,, Adobe, GearBest, ,,, DHgate,…. Besides, they have a navigation bar, here you can search for relevant criteria to your website niche, including brand, geo, niche, title, traffic source, or available tools to extensively search for suitable programs.

Training courses for newbies

» You may encounter several problems if you are new to affiliate marketing. So Admitad has some free lessons for newbies. These lessons give essential and detailed knowledge to start your business as well as the effective earning ways for both merchants or affiliates. They also have a hundred videos that show many aspects and tactics in marketing.

Useful and essential tools

» They offer a range of helpful solutions consists of cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, anti-cookie technologies, powerful anti-fraud technologies, advertiser toolbox, etc. Besides, with a list of free tools, publishers can choose the ones that suit your goal so that you can boost your profits quickly. 

Personalized support

» A user will get support from an account manager who can deeply understand your business and also serve you through your native language. Besides, you can send messengers, mail, or you can even set up a trilateral meeting with any selected publisher and your manager.

Transparent reports

» On the dashboard of each user are shown detailed, transparent, and well-organized reports that are updated every day. Also, statics show all impressions, clicks, and actions comprehensively. You can understand better how your business is working at each stage. Helping you control and optimize your campaigns effectively.  

Referral program

» Get 5% of Admitad‘s earnings delivered by your referrals. The program covers one year since the new publisher’s registration.

Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Push, Popunder, Domain
  • Cost Model: CPC for push, CPM for popunder, and domain redirect

Payment & Investment

  • Minimum Deposit: $100 (Minimum deposit is $100 for the first deposit, and after that $50 for each deposit.)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, ePayment  Credit Card, Wire Transfer.
  • Payment term: weekly and monthly payment schedule. 
  • Minimum payment threshold: $20
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Support Rating: Good
  • Contact Methods Available: Live chat, Email, Skype 


» During the time you work with Admitad, anything makes you worried, they enable to handle it. Admitad has not only a strong platform with full of features but also a big and strong team in the marketing field. Their team is professional with many years of experience and can speak multi-languages. As a result, you not only become knowledgeable but also get a big income in a short time.

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