AdNow – Native Ad Network Review

AdNow – Native Ad Network Review

To join any native advertising network such as Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain, AdSense, etc, it is impossible for newbies and websites with a less amount of traffic and non-English content. If you are not capable of joining these networks. In this review, I would like to share with you a potential native ad network, that is AdNow. Let read the review below and find out their special things from their platform.

What is AdNow?

AdNow is a self-service platform for advertisers, and specialize in providing native ads. They offer several forms of native widgets that show as part of website content and send attractive ads at the right moment at the right time to increase engagement users. As a result, advertisers can get higher conversions and publishers generate more income by getting high CPC, CPM rates. Adnow SSP can easily be integrated into any DSP over Open RTB protocol. For platforms without RTB support, they can offer custom integrations including XML, API, and JS tags. More informative, AdNow currently works with 160 thousand publishers, 1.700 advertisers in 114 countries, and has 1 billion daily recommendations.

Benefits for advertisers

With the self-service platform, advertisers can monitor all parts of their campaigns and directly deliver their ads to audiences. Moreover, AdNow also offers native ads that integrate high-quality content into the primary experience of a given platform through native ad units that conform to the design and feel of the website on which it’s shown. Intriguingly, with native ads, advertisers can receive twice as much visual focus and generate a 3 times higher amount of consumer attention than banner ads. 

Benefits for publishers

In AdNow’s platform, publishers can generate revenue from their website or mobile app with targeted recommendations from their sponsored content marketplace providers. Also, allowing you to get the best profits for publishers with a female audience focus. Besides, automatic promotion of your content with native ads platform will display on your site, this helps you get extra 50% page views. They allow non-English content to work with them and also offer a dashboard for you to track essential metrics.
While you monetize traffic with AdNow, you can join with AdSense or other ad networks. Have no matter to put AdNow ads on your website or blog together with AdSense. They also offer a passive income to their publishers through the referral program. It just takes 5 minutes to approve your account.

How to create a new campaign?

It is so easy to create a campaign with AdNow. Accessing their site via this link, you can select to sign up for an advertiser who wants to buy traffic for their campaign, or a publisher who wan to monetize traffic. And then fulfilling your personal information.

After that, a verification email will be sent to you in one second. To activate your account, click on the link inside that email and log in to your account. 

When I first sae their platform, I can say that it is user-friendly, so even you are new, it doesn’t take time to understand their workflow.

Before creating a campaign, you click on Your Balance to top up your account at least $30, you can choose 2 options available: WebMoney and wire transfer.

Click on Add Campaign to create a new campaign, then you will see an interface blow. 

In this stage, you enter your campaign name in Campaign Name.


Then you can continue to set a budget limit, your campaign will stop when it reaches your limit. 

Select countries you want to deliver your campaign to in GEO Targeting field – 114 countries

It helps increase your targeting relevancy by identifying visitors based on geolocation from country to region and city level.


Next, select Devices Targetings, which has providers, operation systems, and connection types

This takes your mobile targeting to the next level and executes precise carrier targeting. Their exclusive database of IP ranges from 500+ carriers in 100+ countries is crucial for your success.

You can adjust Max price for the click, depending on the price your campaign will receive different quality traffic.

Finally, submit your campaign by clicking on Make a new campaign.


As mentioned, they have no requirement about volume traffic of your site as well as language of pages. However, they have several term and conditions which partners must comply with, you can check here to see full their terms.

Offer and verticals 

  • Pricing model: CPM,CPC
  • Verticals: Health products, Weight Loss / Diets, Utilities, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Sweepstakes, Dating.
  • Ad formats: native ads, banners, and hybrid ads 

Native ads: attractive image and selling text inside. Best for selling goods.

Banners: static or animated image. Best for content promotion and media campaigns.

Hybrid ads: single ad space can show banners or native ads in the same place.


  • Payment method: Paypal, Bank/Wire transfer, ePayments, and Webmoney
  • Term: Weekly payments
  • Minimum payment: $20, $200 for wire transfer 
  • Minimum deposit: $30, $200 for wire transfer 
  • Referral program: get an extra 5% commission from your referral 

AdNow pros

  • User-friendly platform and offers weekly payments for publishers
  • Compatible with all devices and platforms
  • Fast and helpful support system
  • Approves non-English sites.
  • Low minimum deposit for advertisers

AdNow cons

  • It is impossible to filter irrelevant or inappropriate ads directly.
  • Low CPC for non-English content of advertisers

If you have any more information and question about AdNow, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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