Adpushup Review – Best CPM Ad Network 2021

Adpushup Review – Best CPM Ad Network

» Each ad network has different specialized features in its platform, the main purpose of all of these features is to support revenue generation for their partners. Some popular ad networks  Propeller, Adsterra, etc that focus on native ads and push notifications to help publishers optimize revenue. But today we have an ad platform focused on another aspect to help ads reach customers effectively. It is Adpushup, which is an ad network offering automatic A/B testing to optimize ad layout. Thanks to this test, the ads will be more viewable and attractive, but they don’t annoy your visitors. Hence revenue optimization is no longer difficult for you.

What Is Adpushup? 

» As their introduction, AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform for web publishers and bloggers. In this way, they also are known as one of the best AdSense alternatives. Particularly, they help publishers maintain a reputation for prioritizing a healthy ad ecosystem, receive expert consulting, and helpful study cases. Over the years, they have helped more than 300 web publishers sustainably increase the ad CTRs, CPMs, and overall revenues without compromising on user experience. 

» As mentioned, Adpushup helps its partners grow revenue by optimizing ad layout. Besides the proprietary A/B  testing tool, they also offer other outstanding features, including Header Bidding, Adblock Recovery, Innovative Ad Formats, Ad Mediation. With their full pieces of equipment, publishers can ease to reach traffic and generate income effectively.

How to join? 

» Account creation takes 5 minutes, then an account manager will get in touch with you and support to take a product demo. Publishers are given 14 days of free trial to use the service, you have to pay for the next demos then. Publishers have to pay $210 a month to access their intelligent insights, API access, and click analytics. 

» The website displays their ads which must meet their terms. Besides, keeping that in mind, they work with websites that are already generating at least $5,000 in monthly ad revenue. 

How Does AdPushup Work?

» Their automated A/B testing tool will optimize ad layouts such as size, color, type, and location to discover and adaptively serve the best-performing layouts to visitors. But nothing goes through without your knowledge or approval. You still maintain complete control of your website at all times.


  • Ad Layout Optimization: through A/B testing tool, you can set up high-performance ad layouts on your site. In this way, there are hundreds of publishers improving the user experience and increase ad revenue.
  • Header Bidding: they use data science and machine learning into the header bidding engine. It allows multiple demand partners to bid simultaneously in real-time.  That leads to increases in the demand and yield of your ad inventory.
  • Adblock Recovery: thanks to the pro-user ad-reinsertion technology, web publishers can recover revenue lost due to Adblock. However, it still ensures not to disrupt the user experience of the website.
  • Innovative Ad Formats: their ad formats are designed to be high on viewability. They ensure that the layout changes have minimal impact on the UX of the website and do not harm usability, even if that means placing fewer ads.
  • Ad Mediation: this tool analyses historical bid performance data, and generate competition between closed ad networks that don’t compete in RTB auctions. So that helps publishers maximize the revenue from the existing inventory.


  • Quick and easy to set up for publishers to get started
  •  Dedicated account managers
  • Automatic layout testing 


  • Minimum $5000/month in monthly ad revenue.
  • Adpushup targets big publishers from all over the world so small and new publishers will not be able to join this platform.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Requirements: $5000 monthly ad revenue
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC
  • Advertising type: Display, Native, Text Ads
  • Frequency: Net-45
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal
  • Support: Dedicated Account Manager

AdPushup Contact Details:

» If you want to contact the AdPushup team or support then you can contact their support team by visiting the contact us page. Here are Adpushup Contact Details.

  • Head Office Address: AdPushup Inc., 4023 Kennett Pike
    #52878 Wilmington, DE 19807, United States.
  • India Office: AdPushup Inc.bBP-3, Rajendra Park, Lower Ground Floor, Pusa Road, New Delhi 110060
  • Email: [email protected]


» It is a revenue monetization platform for publishers. It helps publishers to place ads on your site where it can display to visitors so you can get high CPM. Adpushup allows you to earn while you can entirely control the ads on your website. Besides, they offer transparent data, report on your dashboard as well as other features for you to get better results.

» If you have any more information about Adpushup, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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