Affiliate Networks & Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Networks & Affiliate Programs: Find out the Distinction

According to recent studies, affiliate marketing generates 30% of sales for advertisers. With its strong impact on online trade, definitely, we can not ignore this potential marketplace.
Well, do not waste your time anymore, this article will help you to distinguish the two main terms of affiliate marketing that are affiliate network and affiliate marketing as well as their pros and cons to entrepreneurs. Especially if you are new in this field, hoping my article will be a useful reference for you to go further.

Who can join it?

Affiliate marketers (publishers): those of having a site want to make profits based on promoting someone’s products. In this way, after a customer clicks on the affiliate link to buy these products, affiliates will get a commission from the sale made.

Merchants (advertisers): those who own products, offers, or services and want to pay a commission for anyone who successfully sells their products via using the affiliate links.

What is an affiliate network?

This is an intermediate online platform where connects affiliates and merchants together. They allow advertisers to create affiliate programs with tools available on their platform and affiliates immediately find suitable programs for their website to promote.


It is obvious to see significant benefits when joining an affiliate network, they will help you to set up tools needed to optimize your campaign before launching it. Plus, after signing up, you can be straightforward to access a pool of affiliates of various niches. As a result, you can immediately start a campaign, generate sales quickly, and manage all metrics of your campaign via the dashboard in your account. 

Importantly, advertisers can save a vast expense with affiliate marketing because if there is no valued action made such as sales, leads, or signing up, etc you will not need to pay commissions for affiliates and also spend no money on advanced tools.

They provide a wide range of international payment options. What you do all is to pick one and implement transactions.

Aside from publishers, with just a few clicks, you can access a pool of massive products and take advantage of selling products. One more thing, you are guaranteed to get payout on-time and precise amounts following the beginning deals. 


Besides notable benefits, we can easily see several drawbacks. As what you receive from their platform, you have to pay for a list of expenses. First, advertisers have to deposit $100 to $500 to get started. Each action generated from the affiliate link will cost you a commission, then you also have to pay for transaction fee and monthly minimum in your budget.

This is not a straightforward process for affiliates, because after signing up to the network, affiliates have to sign up with individual advertisers. It surely takes time to connect and communicate with them. I have to say that advertisers here always favor those of high traffic websites, it is unfair for all publishers with low traffic.

When you join any platform you have to comply with its rules, of course, this can understand, however, there are a few limitations for your earnings. Besides, you can only select what is available on their platform, such as traffic types, vertical, ad formats.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program works similarly to an affiliate network, but this platform just has two parties to join, that is merchant and publishers. The main goal of an affiliate program is to boost a company’s marketing efforts and increase its sales. 


When you create your own affiliate program, you can dismiss all the cons from an affiliate network. In this way, instead of spending money on an intermediate platform, you can use easy tools -Excel sheets and free tools to manage your campaign. Besides, this is your market, so you can set rules for anyone who jumps into your campaign. 

Publishers can immediately pick any product available on the program to promote after getting approval, so it is not as competitive as an affiliate network. 


You have to work by yourself and get no support so it is a little bit challenge during the beginning time.

Honestly, you have to spend a lot of time setting up your products before affiliates can promote them. But then, there is no big deal for you. It’s an extremely profitable way for a company to market its products.

And because affiliates can be straightforward to promote the products on the platform so the process to review websites is quite hard. Restriction of niches is also unavoidable for affiliates because there is one product resource as well as a limitation of payment options.

List of best affiliate networks and programs

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