Awin Affiliate Network Review 2021

Awin Affiliate Network Review 2021

» Your future is created by what you do today, so if you have the right decision and work well today, there will be a blazing door to be opened for you in the future. So how you know you are working in the right way or who will give you a hand during the journey. If you are looking for an affiliate network that will give you incredible opportunities as you want, you would like to think of Awin Affiliate Network. Let’s get started to explore more about their platform in this review.

What is Awin?

» Awin is a specialist affiliate marketing platform. So like others, their role is to link publishers to affiliate programs from a variety of sectors around the world. Moreover, Awin has a track record of delivering growth to leading brands across the globe through its affiliate programs, they achieved many successes in the industry. Continuously, they have been voted Publishers’ Choice of Network 12 times in the past 13 years by clients and peers at the annual Performance Marketing Awards

» Following the report in 2019, Awin worked with more than 14,600 advertisers and 205,000 publishers in over 180 countries around the world. Moreover, 147 million sales generated with 95,000 bound and 106,000 bound for advertisers and publishers respectively. Besides, their platform works a wide range of categories such as travel, finance, retail, and telecommunication. Their partnerships are big brands such as Marks & Spencer, ESI Media, Business Insider, 1&1, HP, O2, and ASOS.

Information for publishers 

» Awin accepts publisher sites of all types, it includes websites, blogs, online channels which would provide a viable promotional method, but each publisher is asked for a $5 deposit to join the network. When joining Awin, you will be asked to complete a publisher profile. This provides an advertiser (or the account manager) with all the information needed to understand your website and your concept.

» So the most important part of your affiliate journey is your website concept. This is how affiliate advertisers will decide if they want to work with you, and how consumers will engage with your business. Have a clear idea in mind that is relevant to the area you want to operate in and ensure you can concisely explain this concept to someone else. When joining an affiliate network, your website is the first thing potential new clients will see, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. Awin doesn’t ask for the amount of minimum traffic of your site when you sign up, however when you work with advertisers, they ask for this.

How to ear with Awin?

» With over 14,600 advertisers, including a broad range of digital products and services they allow publishers to have enough products to promote. No matter what your niche is, you still select the profitable niche for your site. Affiliates can earn quite a good amount from such marketing on desktop and mobile devices.

» The commission offered by Awin is based on cost per acquisition or action (CPA), where affiliates are paid for certain actions done by customers visiting their sites, such as subscribing to emails, clicking on certain advertisements, filling forms, or making a purchase. Besides, their platform offers digital products, some products offer a 50% commission, whereas other affiliate marketing may offer lower at 10%.

Information for advertisers 

» You will be charged no cost to promote your products on the website, you can directly choose publishers to work with. Besides you can offer a commission as you wish because Awin has no commission standards for each type of product. Unlike some other affiliate networks, Awin not only has a cost per sale, so based on your aim, they also offer CPC, performance display, payment on influence amongst other options. 

Network and Offer Type

» Their platform allows you the flexibility to partner with a diverse range of publisher partners. Whether that’s content sites, influencers, voucher code, or cashback, find the right partner to target the customers you want to reach.

  • Finance and Insurance: Loans, personal banking, property, savings and investments, mortgages, credit cards, and insurance.
  • Retail and Shopping: Clothing, accessories, electronics, FMCGs, gardening equipment, sporting equipment, shoes, toys, gifts, and so on.
  • Telecommunications and Services: Education, training recruitment, mobile downloads, online gaming, tickets, utilities, web hosting, business services, B2b telecommunications services, gambling, competitions, etc.
  • Travel: Cruises, ferries, holidays, trains, tourism, hotels and accommodation, car rental, airlines, coaches, airport transfers, and parking, among others.

Why does Awin stand out?

» Their suite of advanced tools is easy to use and insights for affiliate management and reporting. Their network also provides global expansion opportunities for both advertisers and publishers into new markets to help you get the most out of the affiliate channel.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform: their platform is designed with clear, consistent labels and layouts, a wide range of simple but effective tools and features, as well as a full reporting suite.
  • Diverse market with global reach: they operate with 15 markets, more than 205,000 active publishers, though each publisher is secured to find the right advertisers via plenty of tools with filterable features for you to promote that best fit with your audience. 
  • Simple and quick process to apply for affiliate programs: as mentioned above, Awin accepts all sizes of publishers, as well as doesn’t ask for any tough conditions so that you can go ahead to the main stages.
  • Dedicated, expert support team: each account will be supported by an account manager who overcomes along with you every issue. 
  • Earn more commission on all platforms: publishers can promote products on websites or social channels to earn commission as long as it is viable promotional methods.

Detailed payment 

  • Term for payment: bi-weekly.
  • Payment methods: PayPal.
  • Minimum payout: $20.


» Generally speaking, Awin Affiliate Marketing is a comprehensive platform with digital products and services. This is reputable and trustworthy with 20 years of experience in this industry, which ensures decent income for publishers and advertisers. There are also several reputed affiliate networks you should know about to maximize your revenue, including ClickBankShareASaleCJAmazon Associate.

» If you have any more information about Awin Affiliate Marketing, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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