Best ClickBank Alternatives for Affiliates 2021

Best ClickBank Alternatives for Affiliates 2021

ClickBank is a huge marketplace on a global scale with around three thousand programs divided into over 20 categories. As an affiliate, you can easily search for a good product to promote through advanced filters on their platform. It is not hard to join their platform, too. If you already knew really well about ClickBank, but you know, there are many affiliate platforms better out there even they can help you to earn revenue better than ClickBank. 

These affiliates offer you new solutions that you never knew before. They are really good and I bet you already knew several of them before. Below, we have 10 affiliate networks, each one offers different solutions for your demand. Just spend a little of your time taking to read this article.

1. Amazon Associates

They have a sheer large market with a tremendous diversity of products. It gives affiliates a good opportunity to generate income quickly. You know that most people in the world know about them. No matter which niche you are in, you can find a suitable product and promote it. Importantly, you don’t need to apply to individual advertisers. This surely takes your time to convince them. While Amazon Associates allows its partners to promote the products on their platform straightforwardly. It is not easy to get approval, and the commission rate of affiliate programs is really low, though.

2. eBay Partner Network

It is similar to Amazon, they also have a diverse mixture of products. People trust the quality of products from their marketplace, so affiliates can take advantage of selling these products. However, it is hard to get accepted on their network. They ask you to have a great volume of traffic which is also quality to promote their products. 

3. ShareASale

ShareASale provides various mixtures of digital products. It is easy to sign up for an account with ShareASale, but to promote the programs on their platform is difficult because it is a straightforward platform. Most affiliates nowadays prefer choosing ShareASale to ClickBank, this can be proved on reviews of ClickBank.

With a wide range of niches, including home & garden products, fashionwear, green appliances, and business equipment, whatever niche are you in, you can select the most suitable one to market them.

4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate has a mixed variety of products and a filter which allows you to sort by category, serviceable area, language, currency, etc to find the best products to promote conveniently. It is easy for publishers to start working on their platform. However, publishers have to apply to advertisers before promoting these products. you just have to be a legitimate marketer with ethical practices. If you’d like to know exactly how to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant, check out the guide in our free lessons here.

5. Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare helps big brands to monetize their digital content by offering them affiliate programs. It is not a platform for small publishers to join in. Because before promoting any product, you have to contact advertisers who own these products. And they often ask for a high-quality volume of traffic on the site. On the other hand, you can quickly get accepted when signing up for an account with them, and their platform also has a lot of helpful guidance and dedicated support for their partners. 

6. PeerFly

PeerFly is the most trusted CPA network, as they only offer quality programs from big brands. As a result, affiliates are guaranteed to receive decent commissions when joining this network. Nevertheless, they will need a bit more time to check your website in the registration process. This platform mainly focuses on generating conversion such as signing up or leads for advertisers 

7. Neverblue ( Globalwide Media)

Neverblue is a reputed CPA network that is capable of offering affiliates a good opportunity to work with a trusted global market.

It is not simple to join their network unless you have a high volume of traffic. Neverblue works with the most famous brands and influencers, so to ensure reputation and benefits for parties in the long term, they will strictly check your site. Their specializing work is to help generate lead and valued actions for those who need it. In turn, affiliates get high commission and trust from their customer. Last but not least, you can experience amazingly from their custom services who are professional and friendly to help you. 

8. is also a CPA network, there is not a large market with massive products, though, it also is a potential network to replace ClickBank. It is simple to sign up an account with them, so if you are new or low site traffic you can start with this network but they are also strict to review websites and offers, quality is their top priority. As mentioned above, this is a potential platform with 2,000 live campaigns, nothing to be afraid to work with them.

9. JVZoo

JVZoo is an affiliate platform specialized in digital products, their market is similar to ClickBank. Through promoting digital products, affiliates can probably earn a huge commission whenever there is a sale made.

Well, it is also a risk to work on these products, because JVZoo’s market is flooded by cam and poor products. However, you can definitely search for good products through advanced tools available on their platform. To make sure you earn a decent commission for a lifetime, you should carefully check each product before registering. 

10. Market Health

Market Health is an affiliate program that provides physical products about health-related niches for affiliates. Their offers include plenty of products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skincare industries. Especially, these programs are provided by themselves. You can definitely trust their quality. 

The signing procedure is very easy. After getting accepted, you can search for products to promote via the sorting tools, then have a general look at the features of each product through the description beside them. If your website’s niche is in health theme, this is the best affiliate program for you to work with.

Could you see any network suitable for you?

When selecting an affiliate network or any online platform, you cannot only focus on searching for the best one, more important, you must know what you are looking forward to when working with them, not waste your time on unfit things. In my option, affiliates can determine a list of several networks you want to work with, and check their partners. Then you should list some specific criteria such as niche, country, language, etc to narrow your options, don’t just search for the best. When you invest more time to study, you can probably get desired results.

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