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About content platform

When it comes to earning money through native advertising content, it reminds me of that is the last company servicing native sponsored content and getting notable success in online marketing in the world. offers the most trusted online sources from working with big brands to delivering huge traffic from 66,000 websites but a mixed variety of industry verticals. Last but not least, other factors make their success that would be cutting-edge technology and feature and people in the internal source. Let look deeply at their platform.

How Does Work works with a variety of publishers, including household brands, media companies, start-ups, or small businesses. Their Wiget officially supports English, Spanish, French & Turkish for Internal Content. However, all Sponsered content in their network is written in English and Spanish and will only be approved to run on your sites 

The link to your content and landing pages appear side by side with other sponsored or organic content on websites” that are part of the network, attracting new, highly-engaged readers to your site.”

Content is most commonly displayed in a native format. They have a variety of widget types for publishers to use, so some publishers may place additional native formats or use text links as well. To get an idea of how will work for you, we recommend putting the widget on your site for a week and tracking the performance through our reporting dashboard. During this time, will optimize the sponsored content it shows to maximize effective CPM (payout per thousand impressions displayed). Advertisers pay a per-click amount for each click to their Campaigns.

The process to sign up with

After signing up for an account as a publisher, you have to wait within 24 hours for them to review your site. For advertisers, also reviews your ads before allowing them to appear on publisher’s site. In fact, they only offer quality ads, which come from a large pool of advertisers, with the content relevant to audiences. Besides, publishers can monetize ads as you want and be free to do what you want with your site. 


  • Offers a 100% fill rate for publisher websites
  • Publishers can receive high eCPMs rates because will optimize the sponsored content.
  • Their widgets are easy to install and automatically responsive to match with all devices
  • Offers high quality sponsored content with approved material and topics.
  • You have full control over the ads placed on your site
  • Publishers customize widget which shows on your sites. Besides, you can check how your campaign works on the dashboard.
  • Every month you can get your payment on time if your minimum budget is $50.
  • Each account will have an account manager to support and deal with any issue in your business.
  • You can work with while working with AdSense and 


  • They just accept several website languages to work with them and sponsored content with English and Spanish are accepted to work with them.
  • Some advertisements show content that is not related to the user’s experience.

Payment Structure and Payout

Verticals: health, wellness, automotive, beauty, fashion, luxury, music, subscription, mobile app, video games, and more.

Term: monthly (25th of every month)

Minimum threshold: $50.00 

Payment method: ACH, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paper Check, eCheck, Hold my Payment.

Pricing model: is a CPC (cost-per-click) platform (the prices depends on the devices and the traffic form countries)


Obviously, this platform serves native contents which contain many promising for publishers to achieve the best income. Compared to the big ad networks Obtain or Taboola, is not as powerful as them, however, this is still a good network to work with and help you to discover your potential.

If you have any more information about, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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