CPAGrip Affiliate Network Review

CPAGrip – CPA Network Review 2021

What is CPAGrip?

CPAGrip is the world’s leading CPA affiliate network, which operates a performance-based CPA model. At this point, they help advertisers and publishers boost revenue effectively with creative solutions via the mixed variety of CPA and CPD offers.

They currently work with 2,000 campaigns, 600+ active merchants reaching well over 100 million unique visitors monthly. The site provides an intuitive dashboard with high-converting offers, reliable payments, and an experienced Affiliate Management team. Those are the reasons why many entrepreneurs were getting successful with CPAGrip.

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How to sign up with CPAGrip?

It is so simple to sign up with CPAGrip. It totally takes you 5 minutes to complete. As a publisher, you need to access CPAGrip’s site and click on “Sign up” or “Join CPAGrip” to create an account. Then you will be led to a form, where you need to fill out all information requested. 

Next, remember to click on the checkbox “I’m not a robot” and agree with the Terms and Conditions before submitting the form.

After a few minutes, CPAGrip will send you an email to confirm your account is approved. 

How does it work?

After completing the registration process, you can instantly log into your dashboard. Here, as a publisher, you will see a lot of affiliate links and offer tools, including RSS Lead Checker, Multi Postback, and Global Postback.

In order to earn, you can directly copy and share those links wherever you want. However, advertisers will not accept bad leads from unethical/blackhat and illegal niches, be careful with this. 

When someone clicks on and completes the task requested from these links such as filling out a survey, submitting a mobile number, or international email, among others. You will get paid a certain commission. As mentioned, you have bad leads, advertisers may ask you to reverse your earning back to them.

Besides, CPAGrip offers four monetization tools to boost publishers’ income.

1. Content lockers

With the content lockers, you can lock anywhere on your site. The content unlocker will take over the page as a popup and require the user to complete a download, email submit, pin submit, or other offer types to continue.

You make money when users complete a simple and easy offer. When it’s done, the page will restore normal access or redirect to another URL of your choice and be tracked by their tracking platform. To help you get a high conversion rate, CPAGrip equips a large spectrum of templates in content locking for both desktop and mobile, allows you to customize these templates to match your purposes.

2. URL/File lockers

If your website has a lot of valuable content, URL/File locker would be a great way to maximize your income. You use URL/File locker to lock any URL or file for download so that a user must complete an incentive offer in order to gain access to the said resource such as view and download the file. Besides, CPAGrip also provides various templates that fit both desktop and mobile, you can pick any of them to display on your site.

3. Video locker 

Video locker allows you to place an overlay onto any video on your website. The user can still interact with other site functions, but in order to see the video content, the user must complete an offer in order to access video playback. This is an amazing way to monetize your videos for small content publishers.

4. Offer walls 

Offer walls allow you to display the correct geotargeted offers to your users. This tool is generally used with point reward systems.

The Offer Wall Tool allows you to easily leverage the display of multiple offers and be able to reward your users for each offer completed.

Upon completion, your user will receive credit/points for their action. Offer walls are a fantastic resource for publishers and make for an excellent virtual currency platform resource.

Payment details

  • Payment method: Check, Paypal, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire, Western Union, Payza, Payoneer
  • Term: weekly, monthly 
  • Pricing model: CPL, CPS, CPA. 
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Referral program: You can receive 5% commissions on all earnings that your friends generate for life.


  • Offers a user-friendly platform and easy navigation.
  • Statistics & charts show full of tracks on all essential metrics such as clicks, views, leads of each device.
  • Allow you to communicate with peers on public chat
  • Quick payout with various payment options 
  • Offers many different CPA offers to help you monetize effectively.


  • You can just promote the affiliate links and programs available on your account.

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