CrakRevenue – CPA Network Review

CrakRevenue Affiliate Network Review 

There are many affiliate networks out there, so it is not hard for you to work with well-known ones anymore as long as you have a site or products to sell. But not all these networks give you suitable features to monetize or pay you correctly what you deserve to receive. So in this review, you would like to share with you one more platform, CrakRevenue, which is a CPA network. Read the review below and find out outstanding features on their platform.

Introduction to CrakRevenue 

CrakRevenue is one of the most reputed CPA networks nowadays. Their platform is mainly working on adult websites and affiliate campaigns. They have a large number of resources and with more than 1000 offers, allow affiliates to find the best products to monetize their traffic. Besides, they ensure you can get high conversion by promoting your product & brand through their network of 20,000+ professional web marketers who generate over 50 Billion monthly impressions through their combined promotions.


It is not so hard to get approval from them, you need to spend a little bit of time to answer to several of their questions, which include info about your traffic, URLs and marketing strategies, and your forthcoming plan as detailed as possible.

  • How you plan to generate traffic
  • How you plan to promote our offers
  • Your complete address and profile information

Payment details 

  • Term: NET30, NET15, NET7
  • Payment options: ACH, Paxum, PayPal, ePayService, check transfers, and wire transfers.
  • Minimum payout: $100 and $500 for wire transfer

Offers and verticals 

  • Pricing model: CPA (PPL SOI DOI, PPS)
  • Verticals:  Cams, Dating, VOD, Beauty Creams, Surveys, Health Products, and many, many more money-earning opportunities
  • Ad formats: popunder, native ad widgets, banner ad, smart links 

Referral program 

You can get 5% of the commission from your referral.  To be more specific, if the affiliate you referred makes $11 per day for a year, you earn $200 for the year. Recruit 4 more, and you’ll be making an extra $1,000 a year. If you happen to catch a Whale, someone who ends up making $500 per day for a year, that means you’ll bring in over $9k in that year! Simply for giving out your referral link and having someone sign up under you.

Benefits of their promotion tools

Rewarding funnels: design team knows how to build efficient sales pages and display ads suited for Desktop and Mobile traffic. Whatever your marketing needs may be, their team of creative experts is up to the challenge.  Partner with them and benefit from exclusively tailored marketing funnels designed to convert even your toughest traffic.

Smartlinks: I can say this is the easiest way to help affiliates monetize their site. You just need to select your verticals, then they will be based on the location, devices of the user to send the best offer to your traffic. Besides, your site is also optimized to help you maximize your traffic with the highest CTR. All smartlinks are optimized on a daily basis. 

WordPress plugin: Technology and affiliate marketing go hand-in-hand with the introduction of their exclusive WordPress Plugin. Integrating it into your site is easy – you can have it up and running within minutes.

Extra earning: Easily receive up to 30% in additional earnings from all of your campaigns by enabling the usage of pop-unders and back-offers on all manually generated CR affiliate links.

Live cam widget: The exclusive algorithm used in our Live Cam Widget allows CrakRevenue affiliates to promote only the-top earning models, regardless of the cam platform they’re featured on.


  • A dedicated team who can support you with any problems in your work as well as give you advice based on analyzing your stats.
  • Offers a user-friendly platform and gives you a full guide of promotion tools and features on their platform, you can study and understand to apply the right things to your campaign. 
  • Exclusive and efficient promotion tools and features to develop and provide affiliates with tools designed not only to optimize their marketing campaigns at unmatched levels but also to bring unrivaled return especially smart links. 
  • A/B testing will compare two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. 
  • They are experts and they share their knowledge with the knowledge base and their blog
  • They offer accurate and reliable stats and technology to compare and analyze your campaigns in real-time. To be easy to track conversion, you can use a filter to sort by Date, Country, Offer, Device, and/or Vertical.


  • It takes time to study their platform because they offer many tools.
  • If you don’t have a detailed forthcoming plan, you can not join their platform.

If you have any information and question about CrakRevenue, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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