EvaDav Ad Network Review 2021

EvaDav Ad Network Review 2021

If you think that only the big brands and websites can get regularly passive income every month, and not for small publishers. It could be that you don’t insightfully understand online marketing potential or you didn’t see the right solutions for you in the current ad platform.

If you want to start new things, you can try with EvaDav ad network. They not only provide plenty of monetization solutions for all sizes of publishers but also give a hand with your problem through an account manager. Hence, achieving the highest level of your business is not far anymore.

Introduction to EvaDav

EvaDav is an ad network focused on providing and developing push-notification. They offer a comprehensive platform full of solutions and advanced features for all fields. Some of these features include a simple registration and approval process, high-quality interest-based ads, minimum payments, fast payments, a self-service platform, and an easy-to-use reporting system, detailed statistics, a hybrid account, a sponsorship program, etc.

With over 11 years of development and integration experience of advertising products, EvaDav has plenty of experience, mission and capability for publishers and advertisers to achieve their goal as soon as possible.

For publishers

Their platform will help you connect to global advertising from the top advertisers. Then, you can select the push notification that is a timely push message system on your website to stimulate audiences subscribing to your site. So even if they no longer revisit, you can regularly get more income every month.  Interestingly, EvaDav‘s push notifications are with rapid integration, high-quality content that is more effective than other ad platforms out there so you can get the highest eCPM rate easily.

Additionally, EvaDav offers a wide scope of vertical, it consists of dating, e-commerce, adult, games, betting, gambling, entertainment, so on. On the other hand, they automatically set a system that only delivers relevant ads to your site to ensure audiences subscribe to your site, so you can get passive income every month. 

For advertisers 

EvaDav approves manually all pages of websites before placing your advertisement in, ensuring the best matching with the relevant audience, boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns, and advertisements are delivered to target audiences. Ensuring high ROI for all advertisers, Ads are always shown in the viewable area for the user, ensuring ultimate viewability for your creatives. Your ads are displayed placement where your audiences can easily view them.

How to start on EvaDav step-by-step

I’ve already joined their platform, the process is extremely easy. After submitting the application, you will instantly receive a verification email from EvaDav to create an account. Then you can start launching a campaign or monetizing your traffic. 

They allow you to have two roles after you completely create an account with EvaDav. Besides, they offer full connections to your account manager such as Skype, Telegram, and email to make sure you can start earning easily and get support whenever you need it.  

With advertisers, you can select between push notifications and popunder for your campaign. 

Then you can select the bid following the countries, the higher bid you offer, the more traffic you will get. Therefore, you can refer to your account manager’s opinion before picking the bid. To finish campaign creation, you need to click on “create” at the bottom.

With publishers, to start placing the ads, you have to select “stream” on the publisher panel. Then clicking on create stream and name for your stream

With publishers, to start placing the ads, you have to select “stream” on the publisher panel. Then clicking on create stream and name for your stream. You need to add your website domain and select frequency capping and display delay as you want. 

How does it work?

When I start getting on their platform, it doesn’t take time for me to understand them. Their platform is designed following the present ad platform trend so it is easy for anyone to get started. Besides, they provide a hybrid account that flexibly switches between 2 panels of publisher and advertiser. Hence, you can monitor everything in an account without wasting time logging in an account. Note, they show CPA rates for each area, based on it, advertisers can propose a suitable bid for each area.


  • Back URL. Evadav platform supports Traffic Back URL. After a successful subscription, you can redirect the visitor to another link to receive push notifications. For this purpose, you can fill the Traffic Back URL field in your account.
  • Direct Links for sending traffic. Also, Evadav can create a landing page upon the customer’s request. 
  • Integrated algorithms allow customizing and monetizing ad campaigns by over 20 parameters.  

Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types (Ad Formats): Push and Pop.
  • Cost Model: CPC, CPM.
  • Offers Verticals: Adults, Sweepstakes, Dating, Gambling.

Payment & Investment

  • EvaDav Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, Skrill, Paxum, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Bitpay, UnionPay, WeChat, Capitalist, Payoneer.


  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Support Response Speed: 10 min – 2 hours
  • Support Rating: Great
  • Contact Methods Available: Online chat, e-mail, Skype, Telegram

EvaDav’s Pros

  • Great traffic quality
  • User-friendly interface and reposts layout
  • Fast moderation
  • Friendly and helpful support

EvaDav’s Cons

  • If your balance is below $25, you can not withdraw this balance.
  • The report doesn’t show sources with a low number of clicks.

Referral program

Bring a friend and earn together! Evadav company is pleased to announce the start of the referral program! Statistics and referral links are available in your account! 5% of the income of attracted publishers. 

If you have any more information and question about Evadav, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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