Ezoic Review – Ad Tester for Publishers 

Ezoic Review – Ad Tester for Publishers 

Joining ad platforms is the quickest way to monetize your website, but are you sure you always made the right decision for your business and earned the maximum amount from inventory on your site? Well, you definitely know you could not do this by yourself without support from optimization tools and advice from advertising expertise.

Of course, there are many ad platforms out there to offer these tools for you. It is not hard for you to get one. 

If you are considering Ezoic and want to know more about them, in this article, I will share with you my experience working for a few months with them. 

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an ad placement optimization platform for websites of publishers by machine learning provided by itself. They also are known as a certified Google Ads Partner who offers a wide array of features to help publishers earn more revenue and improve UX. 

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How does it work?

Ezoic uses an artificial intelligence to test thousands of different combinations of ad placement, sizes and layout on every page view and then track how it works to figure out the best combination that will help you earn more money. 

What is Ezoic’s requirement?

  • We recommend you have an average of 10,000 sessions per month.
  • Adhere to Google’s Ad Policy
  • Content should be original
  • Track record of identifiable traffic
  • If you possess an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google. 

How to sign up with Ezoic?

It is simple to sign up with Ezoic. First you access their website ezoic.com and click on “start free trial” or “get started” on this site. Then enter your email and your domain website on the next page. Next, you select What you are interested in improving on, including Ad Revenue, side speed and analytics, after completing this process, you have an Ezoic account.

In order for Ezoic to work with your website, integration must be completed first. None of Ezoic‘s features, optimizations, or monetization functions will be accessible without integrating first. There are three methods to integrate your site with Ezoic

Name Server Integration

All you need to do is update your name servers at your domain’s registrar. This allows Ezoic to sit in between your users and your host, similar to a proxy. Changing name servers does not affect your host and you can continue to work on your site and update the content as you normally would, without interruption.

Cloudflare Integration

If you already use CloudFlare as a CDN, Ezoic integration is as easy as it gets. When you create an account, Ezoic will detect if the site is using the CloudFlare CDN. From there, you will be prompted to enter your CloudFlare credentials which will give Ezoic temporary access to the CloudFlare DNS and point your site to Ezoic. When completed, you will see the green flag in the  top left of the CloudFlare option that says “Integrated”. 

WordPress Plugin

Publishers can also integrate easily using the Ezoic WordPress plugin. It allows publishers to integrate via WordPress without disrupting any aspect of their website. 

Ad test when you use ad test, Ezoic will stay focused testing all ads on your site and do nothing with your layout/format/theme

Layout test is a main  feature that makes Ezoic outstanding. With layout tests, Ezoic will test all sorts of ads and layout/format/theme on your site by using machine learning to find the best combination for your site.

Payment details 

  • Payment options: direct bank transfer (Payoneer), PayPal, Check.
  • Term: Net 30
  • Threshold for payout: $20 

Frequently questioned answersIs it free?

When you access their site, you can see the button “start free trial” (it lasts within 30 days). After this trial, your site bottom will appear a small ad from Ezoic which will help them earn a little amount from you. Otherwise, if you don’t want to show this ad on your site, you definitely can turn it off. However, you have to pay a monthly fee of $49 to update your account to premium.

Can you still control your site?

Yes, you can control 100% your website, as well as make decisions at once for each user based on what goals you choose. Each feature in Ezoic’s Platform gives you the ability to configure and lead the experimentation that you tell them to execute.

However, if you would rather let them run the experiments, you can let our advanced A.I. take over. 

Is there any contract with Ezoic?

No, there is no contract required during the time you work with them, so you are not legally binding with any contract. In this way, you can stop working immediately if you don’t receive the desired results.

Do you need an AdSense account before signing up for Ezoic?

You don’t need an AdSense account to sign up for Ezoic. However, you  will still need to adhere to Ezoic‘s ad policies and Google’s ad policies.  

How long does it take to get approval from Ezoic?

It often takes within 24 hours for everyone to complete registration, integration and setup with Ezoic. But it might take you more time if you don’t have an AdSense account.

Final thought 

I have trusted and worked with many ad platforms, each one has different outstanding features to help me earn more money. However, when I knew and got a free trial with Ezoic, I set up entirely my site based on the results tested of machine learning, and surprisingly my income increased greatly 50-250% more . Of course, some of you will not want to change the website layout too much, then you can try to change ads on your site first and see income improvement.

If you have any information and question about Ezoic, please feel free to us know by commenting below.  

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