Flexoffers Affiliate Network Review

Flexoffers Affiliate Network Review

» If you think that to be an affiliate you have to invest a lot of time to develop your traffic before you can earn a primary income. This is actually neither wrong nor true. Whereas there are some ways much easier to help you shorten the time to maximize revenue, also increase your campaign reach. In this way, I recommend for you FlexOffers which is a trustworthy partner for both advertisers and publishers across the world. Their platform serves for affiliate programs and ad networks for both publishers and advertisers. Read the review below to see their outstanding. 

Introduction to Flexoffers

» FlexOffers is s a comprehensive ad platform with full monetization solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Particularly, when you join FlexOffers as a publisher, you can access millions of products and services across a growing collection of 12,000+ affiliate programs. You can select any affiliate program that has relevant content to your site to promote. Especially, Top performers, you can receive payment Net 7. Besides, advertisers who join FlexOffers will gain access to an affiliate publishing network that complies with established marketing standards while expanding the market potential. So your products can reach prospective customers in every corner of the world.

FlexOffers Affiliate Offers

» About Affiliate program, FlexOffers offers a wide scope of categories, including Automotive, business, careers, clothing and accessories, consumer electronics, digital products, education, energy, entertainment, family, financial services, health and wellness, home and garden, Insurance, International, Legal Services, Lifestyle and Recreation, Media, Mobile, Online Services, Seasonal Promotions, Shopping, Sports and Fitness, Telecommunications, Travel.  

» With a large category on many different niches, so no worry which niches you are in, you can pick the right program for your site. Moreover, each category will show details about the specific affiliate products, your customer makes a direct conversion rather than take time to check more product features.

What are the benefits of FlexOffers?

» This is the new and improved affiliate network that has been designed to make business transactions a lot easier on the platform. The platform claims to have the latest offers, products, promotions, and online-only offers that are provided by niche advertisers and some of the biggest brands in the market. As has been evidenced above, the brands and advertisers that have signed up with the service cut across industries so the offers for publishers and affiliates are varied.

  • Quick and easy to join: as mentioned above, it takes you a few minutes to fill out the form. But advertisers need to deposit $500 to get started while publishers need to describe where your traffic comes from. 
  • FlexOffers approval: Payment for performance is low as a lower 1%. Compared to others, this fee is so cheap and payable for all partners.
  • Dedicated affiliate managers: your account managers are experts who are knowledgeable in the marketing industry, they will support every aspect to help you move forward.   
  • Transparent report: you will receive the transparent real-time report for both platforms – publisher and advertiser. 
  • An intuitive platform: they offer a friendly surface, so everything is easy to understand to control and analyze your campaigns.
  • Variety of affiliate program categories: as mentioned, they connect with thousands of affiliate program, you can select some and start getting money.

Referral program

» This program will help passive incomes so the more referrals you make to FlexOffers, the more money you earn! They base the referral rate on your 90 days of average sales. And they will need time to review your referrals before allowing you to get a commission. This is a passive income for publishers when they refer publishers to FlexOffers.

Application Process

» Signing up in Flexoffers is quite straightforward. In the application, they ask you for basic information and it just takes a few minutes to complete this form, then you will receive an email to your registered email address, you need to verify this email to complete this process. 

» You will have to describe more details about your website, so they help you get a better commission based on this information 

Payment Details

  • Minimum payout: $50 monthly 
  • Offer types: CPC, PPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, CP
  • Advertising type: video, mobile, banner, rich media, native ad format.
  • Frequency: NET 60 and Top performer NET 7.
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal.
  • Devices: Mobile, tablet, TV, desktop.
  • Support: Dedicated Account Manager

Contact details 


» There are a lot of qualified affiliate networks out there. Honestly, you can be easy to pick one which doesn’t ask for any requirement. But a comprehensive platform which not only offers affiliate programs of various big brands but also has plenty of effective solution for both publishers and advertisers is not much. So if you are looking for an alternative that contains these above, Flexoffers can be the best option for you.

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