JuicyAds Ad Network Review 2021

JuicyAds Ad Network Review


JuicyAds is an advertising network with monetization solutions for adult websites. Being a middleman, they connect publishers and advertisers at a global scale and empower them to use solutions available and tools on their platform to generate the best results for your business. 

Publishers can earn more money with JuicyAds when being paid a combination of all three payment models CPC, CPM, CPA. Besides, JuicyAds provide popunders and banners that are not only the most popular ad formats but also the best solutions for advertisement today. So no worry about your future income.

For publishers

Publishers of both adult and non-adult websites can increase your revenue by selling ad space to Advertisers. JuicyAds also allows you to experience a free range of efficient solutions. It consists of optimized banners with multiple sizes that can fit on various devices and WIZEPANDAS will recover your money from blocked ad spaces. Interestingly, you can access the exclusive advertisers that only work directly with JuicyAds and no other advertising companies. Besides, through the referral program, you can get a passive income of your referral to JuicyAds

For Advertisers

JuicyAds offers you both full service and self-service on their platform. Amazingly, they have a huge range of targeting to reach your target users on every single factor, especially in Alex Raking, Blacklist, and Whitelist. Besides, if you are a big spender and have better things to do, they can fully manage your campaigns. Even to manage your campaigns internally, they use leading-edge platforms and features to ensure you get the real metrics and customer to help you build successful campaigns and ROI.

Registration instruction

After accessing their website, you choose Become a publisher/advertiser on the screen to sign up for a JuicyAds account. Then you need to fill out the form displayed on the next page. It is totally easy and takes you within 3 minutes to complete. After that, they will send you an email to activate your account and you can start monetizing or running campaigns.

For Desktop

For Mobile

  • Pop-unders
  • Banners
  • Mobile redirects

Pricing model

eCPM is used as an ad performance metric, while CPM is used as a pricing metric for advertisers.

Traffic Types

Targeting: Devices, browsers, languages, Alex Ranking, Blacklist, and Whitelist.

Payment details

  • Payment terms: paid automatically
  • Minimum payout: $25 for digital payments, $100 for ACH payments, and $500 for wire payments
  • Payment options: PayPal/Paxum, Cheque, Wire

Referral program

JuicyAds offers referral programs to publishers who refer new customers to their network. Unfortunately, publishers have to meet the following criteria to join their referral program.

1) You have been with JuicyAds for at least 3 months (90 Days)

2) Have spent at least $500-$1000 in advertising. 

3) you have to send the request to ask them to provide one and through their approval.


  • Exclusive advertisers for publishers
  • Various targeting 
  • Provides full-service and self-service for advertisers
  • Referral program offering 20% of JuicyAds’ commission from direct ad sales
  • Bid rates shown


  • Confusing platform
  • Banner ads have poor rates

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