MGID – Native Ad Network Review

MGID – Native Ad Network Review

Nowadays, the native ad format is considered the best solution for revenue optimization for entrepreneurs. Because of its self outstanding characteristics, that not only blends perfectly into the original content but gives various patterns to increase users’ engagement in the most efficient way. So most publishers like to join this platform to maximize their revenue. If you are looking for as well, in this review I would share with you an innovative global pioneer in native advertising, that is MGID. Read the review and have a general look at what they offer for their partners.

Introduction to MGID

MGID is a global native advertising platform in a mixed diversity of fields, especially in European areas. Founded in 2008, MGID quickly becomes famous for native advertising and offering tailored solutions for those looking to take advantage of native advertising. Here, they support a CPC-based payment modewhich allows advertisers only to pay for per click made on the offer link by real audiences. More interesting, the bespoke solution offered will cover every requirement to create potential in your campaign. 

Speaking to their extension, it does not surprise me. They currently work on 32K+ content websites, 100K+ new campaigns annually, 850M+ unique visitors monthly, 185B+ content recommendations monthly.

For publishers

In MGID, publishers can monetize the traffic in the most organic way and they give publishers 100% control over their audience to generate the highest yield with truly native ads.

For advertisers

The most impressive thing about MGID is that you can experience their native widgets and access to the unique global audiences from premium and verified publishers. Specifically, they use an AI-based matching algorithm to connect users to products and show relevant content only using native ads to target users. As a result, that brings higher click rates to your ads. Besides, they also provide a vast retargeting arsenal, sophisticated optimization options to optimize your campaign.

Furthermore, your ads will be delivered by top worldwide publishers to a pool of over 850 million users that ensure to bring the best performance for your campaign. 

How to create a campaign in MGID?

First, you have to access their website and click on “create account”, you will see a form for registration like below. It looks so easy to complete, doesn’t it?

After receiving the email to activate your account, you can log into your account and create a new campaign by clicking on the “Add new campaign” button.

In this sector, they will give you specific messages for each field to show how you should fill them correctly, and then click on the “Confirm” button.

To adjust the impressions of the ads to visitors from certain regions with certain devices and OS, it is necessary to go further to the point “TARGETING”.

In the opened form in the “GEO” tab, select those regions to visitors from which ads should be displayed and add them to the list of regions to display.

Similar settings we set or targeting by browsers, browser / search language and OS.

Publisher requirement 

MGID allows a wide range of website categories to monetize on their platform. However, in order to ensure the amount of quality traffic for advertisers as well as create a healthy ecosystem, they do not allow websites with limitations below to join in:

  • Low rating: The minimum traffic requirement to cooperate with MGID is 3,000 unique visitors daily (or 90,000+ visitors per month).
  • Illegal content download: MGID does not accept websites that promote the illegal downloading of files, videos, programs, games, etc; streaming related websites, torrents, etc. 
  • The website could not be reached: This means that we cannot see the content because of some error. Please check the connection to the website, fix it, and email our managers.
  • Previous fraudulent activity: Your website was rejected to participate in our monetization program due to previous fraudulent activity.
  • Pornographic or erotic content: Due to our policy, MGID ads cannot be placed on webpages that have adult content or advertisement. 

Main features in MGID

  • Integration type: make the launch process as seamless as possible.
  • Compatibility with AMP and instant articles: by using native widgets, which are adapted to be fully compatible with AMP pages and Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Internal and external recirculation: promotion of specific editorial or advertorial content to increase session depth, brand loyalty, and acquire new visitors.
  • Referral program: earn passive income when sharing MGID’s platform with your friends 

Verticals and offers

Verticals: they only work with mainstream verticals,

Cost Model: CPC

Ad format: Native Ads (Native Widgets, Smart Widget, In-content Impact Widget, Native Videos)

Payment details 

Minimum Deposit: 100$ (Personal Account Manager: yes (with a minimum deposit of $500)

Minimum payout: PayPal is $100, for the bank transfer is $1000

Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank transfer, WebMoney

Contact Methods: email, contact form inside the account, Skype (in case you have an Account Manager)

Contact: [email protected]

Payment term: NET30


  • 24/7 account and tech-support
  • 100% brand safety
  • Besides English, they also support more than 70 different languages.
  • Export data from the Dashboard to Google Analytics in order to facilitate the optimization of advertising campaigns.
  • Fully responsive, adjustable and regularly updated ad format selection for effective audience interaction.
  • 100% transparency every step of the way, with all placements and advertisements fully controllable.


  • If you are a small and new publisher you will not attend this platform 
  • You can not work with MGID while advertising Taboola’s products 
  • Your site will not be accepted if in the past it contained any prohibited content from MGID
  • You have to pay $500 to get a personal account manager

If you have any information and question about MGID, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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