Plugrush Ad Network Review

Plugrush Ad Network Review

If you are an advertiser and looking for a platform with the ability to automatically optimize your campaign, then you can focus on other works. Because you can not do so many works at the same time. In this review, I would like to share with you a potential ad platform-Plugrush-that offers features to optimize your campaign so as you have more free time to work on what you want.


It is easy to release that Plugrush is an ad platform when the first visiting their site. So here they facilitate publishers and advertisers to sell and buy traffic. The special thing about Plugrush, I like that is not just wide scope monetization solutions and features based on user’s demand, but their automatic optimization system will automatically optimize your campaigns so that you can enjoy more free time. Moreover, it makes you secure when always sending you on-time payment with most international payment options help you be more flexible with revenue. 

For publishers

In this platform, publishers can be tapped into thousands of high payment campaigns from advertisers around the world and receive massive earnings. Furthermore, trade programs make the process of exchanging traffic easier and trade high quality clicked traffic.

In particular, you can select the countries you want to receive clicked traffic from. All clicks are sent to content pages of the websites participating in PlugRush’s Trade Program. This means you’re providing the visitors to your website with something valuable when you trade traffic. Most importantly, all websites that enable trading at PlugRush are manually reviewed by our compliance team before they can participate. This ensures only high-quality websites with good content can be a part of the Trade Program in order for it to be mutually beneficial for all webmasters involved.

For advertisers

Plugrush offers a variety of engaging ad formats nowadays, that help you approach your target audience for the best results. Especially here, you optimize your campaigns manually from the user interface or automatically by using Automated Rules and increase your ROI. It also makes sure you can receive high-quality traffic through deep targeting, and automatic optimization from thousands of websites that only have in Plugrush. More importantly, their clear and accurate report that shows real-time statistics provided helps you insight into your campaign effectively. 

Native ad format

Native ads are small display ad units that are intended to blend in with your content. Essentially, they’re small banners that should closely resemble your site’s content in order to improve their Click-Through Rate (CTR). You will be paid for each click generated on native ads you place on your website.


A banner ad is a display ad unit you can place on your website. It’s different from a native ad because it can more easily be identified as an advertisement. The combination of this and it being a click-based display ad unit makes banners the most valuable ad format for our advertisers. Visitors willingly clicking on a banner advertisement tend to be the easiest to monetize, which makes this the most efficient ad format for advertisers.

Push notification ads:

 Push ads can be served to visitors of your mainstream and adult sites registered with PlugRush, as soon as they’ve opted in to be a subscriber. This traffic is extremely valuable to advertisers and at PlugRush we give you the unique opportunity to monetize your push notification subscribers on a per click basis.


Mobile: A new window launched in the visitor’s browser when they click something on your website. You can decide if the pop should launch when they click anywhere on the page or just on content.

Desktop: This is simply the mobile counterpart of desktop pops to help monetize your mobile visitors.

IM: A display ad unit that slides into view from the bottom right corner of your website to mimic an instant message alert. These are great for generating some extra clicks to boost your income without taking up actual real estate on your website.

Payment Rules

Payment option: WebMoney, PayPal, Paxum, wire transfer, credit card.

Term: weekday (NET7)

Minimum payment: $25

Offer Types: CPV (Cost per view), CPC

Traffic Types: Desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Minimum deposit: $10

Ad type: native ad, pops, push notification, banner


  • High-quality traffic
  • User-friendly navigation 
  • Automatic optimization of your campaign
  • Offer trade traffic
  • Big volumes of pop traffic
  • Quick moderation
  • Provides both mainstream and adult traffic

Referral program

PlugRush pays a referral fee for referring an advertiser or a publisher (webmaster)! You will earn a 5% lifetime commission of advertiser’s spendings or publisher’s earnings that came from your recommendation. This income will be paid to you monthly. 

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