Rakuten Affiliate Network Review 2021

Rakuten Affiliate Network Review 2021 – Explain More About Their Platform 

» If you want to have more chances to succeed in your business, you should start to work with experienced partners who insightfully understand your niche and are ready to help you. Rakuten Affiliate Network would be a contender for you to trust and work with. Moreover, they offer free signup, comprehensive support, and easy navigation for new people. Hopefully, this review will give you a general look at the potential of this affiliate network.

What is Rakuten?

» Rakuten Advertising is a branch of Rakuten Marketing LLC which is one of the world’s leading Internet service companies around the world. Likewise, Rakuten Advertising is a global affiliate network with a comprehensive platform. They offer plenty of essential features and monetization solutions in their business. 

» In this platform, agencies are empowered to discover new customers and build enduring connections that drive greater awareness, engagement, and lifetime value. Affiliates can connect target visitors to the content they are concerned about. Plus the audiences have the chance to experience what they love and the relevant message. In this way, it helps build up the partnerships in businesses to encourage previous buyers to make another purchase and reach new audiences as well. 

» More information, Rakuten functions in over 200 countries with 70+ premium digital media properties. They have a performance network of more than 150K publishers and brands, and experience breakthrough results from the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for 9 years in a row.


» There are no strict requirements for publishers to sign up for an account in Rakuten platform. Firstly, publishers must have an active website that provides original and quality content. After you access their site and complete the registration form. Finally, after you submit the form, they need a day to view your site. They are not hard to accept participants, except your site violates conditions in their fundamental terms. 

» After you go through the above stage, you will individually apply to affiliate programs that are related to your niches, and each program has different requirements. Hence, I need to say that it is the hardest stage for affiliates. Because you will work by yourself and the amount of commission that you receive will depend on the negotiation between you and merchants in this phase.

Type of links 

» They offer a wide range of options to ensure you create conversions and receive a high commission.  You may select to use one of the following:

  • Links text
  • Banners including rotating banners
  • Search boxes
  • Customized deep linking
  • Flex links, and more


  • Easy and fast account opening: Rakuten allows all sizes of publishers and bloggers to work on their platform. Otherwise, advertisers won’t be charged any fee to have an account as well as promote their products to the audience.
  • High conversion rate: with many years of experience, they build up relationships with a lot of big brands in a wide range of fields. Therefore, when the website places the products of these big brands, you will have more opportunities to sell these products as well as get more commission.  
  • Variety of ideals: Rakuten Affiliate Network equips you with the essential tools to launch affiliate programs. In this way, each partner will be offered an intuitive dashboard so that you can track commissions, payments, links, as well as plug-ins, all on one. Thanks to this platform, you receive reports in real-time data anywhere at any time you ask for. Besides, with the help of Rakuten Advertising and long-term profitable partnerships, your brand will be spread quickly and widely.
  • Comprehensive platform: Rakuten also provides free marketing courses to new to affiliate marketing to learn new knowledge and experience about this field. Or you want to sharpen the skills, whatever the reason, Rakuten Affiliate Network gives you some incredible educational tools and other training materials that will definitely aid you in optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts, as well as jump-starting your commission earning phase.
  • Dedicated support: customer support is friendly and professional, they will help you figure out all your issues. You can contact them in many ways such as live chat, phone call, and email. There are international numbers available for affiliates who live abroad.


  • No PayPal option: as you know, PayPal is the best payment option for international transactions, but Rakuten doesn’t provide this method, instead that you can use check and direct deposit. Although their payment methods are restricted, they still secure the payout for publishers every payment term.
  • Merchant’s requirements are difficult: small affiliates will find it hard to promote products from their merchants. So even successful in signing up, you still can’t start earning a commission.


  • Payment methods: check, direct deposit.
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Payment term: 2 times per month

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» If you have any more information about Rakuten Advertising, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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