RUNative – Native Advertising Review 2021

RUNative Ad Network Review 2021

Most audiences don’t like to see ads on their browsers, as they are intrusive and invasive to the main site. Therefore, they may block or skip all of those. As a result, publishers can lose a big amount, their audience will even not revisit their site anymore. And the common solutions to get rid of this situation are to use native ads and push notifications. So in this review, I would like to share with you RUNative, one of the best native ad networks nowadays. Read the review below to know about all features and solutions of this potential platform.

What is RUNative?

RUNative offers an ad platform that focuses on native ads and push notifications, which are the most perfect ways to approach customers without affecting user experience as well as maximize revenue for enterprises. In this way, native ads only contain content which audiences are interested in. And push notifications are alert messages sent to users as reminders to finalize their action.

How to sign up for an account with RUNative?

Creating a new account is extremely easy. Firstly, you need to access their site: and then choose “register button”. Here you will see two options, choose advertisers if you want to buy traffic, otherwise, if you sell your traffic, you choose publishers. Then, you need to fill out the signup form and submit it.

After that, you will receive an activation email.


Once you are successful to log into your account, you need to fill out your profile and add funds to your budget to set up and launch your campaign.  

The daily overview shows real-time statistics so that you can track how your campaign work and also gives you insight into spending.

For the publisher, the signup process is the same as for an advertiser. RUNative needs to review your site first.

Besides, you should read here to know exactly their general rules

Campaign creation 

To set up a campaign, you need to click on “create a campaign”. 

When it comes to their interface, it is easy to understand, I appreciate that. Moreover, they also give you useful captions during the time to create a campaign, that gives you insight into every single step you make. 

Not wasting your time anymore, we will move to steps right now.




Name: to help you control your campaign effectively, Runative recommends stating your Product – Targeted Country – Bidding model & Adspot (if targeted). Example: My product – USA – CPC – Header. 

Ad Formats: you can choose Native, Push, Standard Banners, or Videos, which is suitable for your campaign.

Countries: here, you can choose how many countries you want to run your ads. To select, you can use the drop-down menu or use our quick selection (Tier 1, 2, or 3).

Regions: You also have the option to narrow down by specific regions.

Ad Group: You can create different ad groups from this section.


In this section, you can narrow your targeting by Languages, Devices, Device Brands, Months Since Release Date, Model Price, Operating Systems, Browsers, Carriers and IP Ranges, and Keywords.

Retargeting – you can generate a retargeting pixel on the edit page once the campaign will be created.


Schedule start, end, and exception date of your campaign.


  • Traffic Selection: Ron– targeting all ad spots, and Prime– VIP and best spots. 
  • Site ID List: Target specific site ID.
  • Spot ID List: Target specific spot ID.

Under the Site ID List & Spot ID List section, you can target (Whitelist) or exclude (Blacklist) specific Site or Spot IDs, by listing them all at once.


  • Advertising Model: CPC or CPM
  • Daily Budget: you to set a budget for a day here when this amount runs out, your campaign will stop.
  • Distribution: choose between ASAP- spend your budget as soon as possible, or EVEN– distribute your budget evenly throughout the day.


  • Upload: start creating your ad by uploading your ad image.
  • Tracking tools: consist of retargeting pixel options, Dynamic Parameters, S2S tracking, and RUNative API.


You can’t find this section in other ad networks, this is a new feature in RUNative. Here, it helps you note some important information about each campaign.

Native Advertising

Native ads are designed to seamlessly fit the content of any website, which makes them a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. Their Native widgets are fully customizable and responsive, consisting of an image, brand name, and headline.

Push notification

Notifications are sent to all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. At RUNative, you can run this format on CPC pricing model. 

Video formats

Video formats are our newest addition to the inventory. They offer 2 different options: Video Pre-Roll, Video IM slider

Standard banner

Standard Banners are very popular ad formats, provided with a 100% fill rate and worldwide coverage. They come in all popular ad sizes (250×150, 300×250, 300×100, 315×300, 728×90, 900×250). 

Payment Rules

Payment term: weekly or monthly

Minimum threshold: $100  ($500-wire transfer)

Payment options: PayPal, American Express, Discover Network, Paxum, Visa, Mastercard. 

Offer Types: CPC, CPM 

Traffic Types: Mainstream only, any device

Ad Types: Native Ads, Push Notifications, Banners, Videos.



  • No adult traffic

If you have any more information and question about RUNative, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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