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If you want to promote the products from ten different affiliate programs, definitely, you must sign up ten times for these programs before promoting them. Of course, after completing the signup, you can not instantly start promoting the products on your site. Nothing you can do in this stage except waiting for their response. Then some of them may decline your application or it takes a long time to review your website. Trust me, none likes to spend time with such things or searching for how to create an account with this or that. As an affiliate, I think you met this situation many times before.

So in this article, I would like to share with you Skimlinks, which platform can help you get rid of this problem so that you can go straight to monetize your content. So who are they? Why are they able to deal with these problems? After reading the article below, you can see the answers to all this.


Skimlinks is an effective monetization tool for affiliates created to help content creators earn money quickly and simply by automatically turning the mentioned links in publishers’ posts into affiliate links.
By joining Skimlinks you can directly access 48,500 affiliate programs, all in one place. It means that publishers don’t need to sign up for any affiliate program before promoting their products. Skimlinks will help publishers affiliate these links. Then if someone clicks on these links and makes a sale, you will get commissions from merchants.

How to sign up for a Skimlinks account?

The first step to sign up for an account with Skimlinks, you have to access their main website. Then enter your email address and password. 

On the next page, you need to paste the URL of your site and enter your company name in the fields and click on “Get started”. After submitting the application, they will send you an email. To activate your account, you need to click on the link in the email to go through Skimlinks‘s site.

You will see a JavaScript snippet, just copy, and paste it into the bottom of your <Body> tag.

Of course, they have not approved your application if you finish these steps. They will need to review your site before making a decision.

How does it work?

Look at the article below to see how exactly Skimlinks work:

You look for the products you want to promote from affiliate programs such as Amazon. Then copy the link of this product and add it to your content. After that, Skimlinks will help you to turn this link into their equivalent affiliate link. As mentioned, you don’t need to sign up or log in to those affiliate platforms. Through this link, you can get a commission when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase.

How much could you earn from Skimlinks?

As you can see, Skimlinks help you save time and against the hardest part of your business.  Therefore, they will ask you to pay them a 25% commission on each sale. Some of you may think that it was really necessary to spend money on this intermediate platform, but then you recognize soon it doesn’t waste your money to spend on Skimlinks when you start signing up for an affiliate program by yourself, especially with reputed brands. 

Those merchants will send you a list of their criteria to join their program, and unless you respond to all these, you can not promote their products. 

Just let Skimlink ease your problem. 

Payment details

Payment method: Direct Deposit or PayPal 

Minimum payout: $65/€55/£50.

Pricing model: CPC, CPA

Payment term: at least 90 days


  • It is simple to sign up for an account with Skimlinks
  • Skimlinks completely helps you deal with merchants
  • No need to sign up for any affiliate program 
  • Can promote affiliates programs which have declined you before
  • You directly access 48,500 merchants
  • Great analytical tools and clear report
  • Ensure the user experience on your site


  • They take 25% of your commission 
  • Wait for a 90-day payment period 
  • Slow support

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Final thought

For me, Skimlinks is a great monetization tool for affiliate marketing work. When I joined this platform, I have no more stress on waiting and thinking of what affiliate programs I was gonna sign up for next. Although they also have drawbacks about payment, to be honest, I earned more money when working with them.

If you have any information and question about Skimlinks, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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