SurfShark VPN Review – Is It Worth?

SurfShark VPN Review

SurfShark’s headquarter is based in the British Virgin Islands. They do not keep logs, data, timestamps, or any other kind of information that would enable anyone to identify users of their service. Furthermore, they cover over 3,200 servers around the world, enable you to connect any of them to have the best experience with internet services.

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What Is VPN?- Virtual Private Network


Static IP Servers

With a static IP server, you will be provided the same IP whenever you connect to the server. This means you don’t need to log in or verify again and again secure webs many times while using VPN.

Military-Grade Encryption

They use AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm to protect your sensitive data. AES is also the same encryption standard that governments and cybersecurity experts like us recommend worldwide.

RAM-Only Servers

Most VPNs use hard drives to store logs, this still has a small chance of your data leaked out. While SurfShark uses Ram-only with a 100% dishless server network, which is incapable to store your data because whenever your devices are turned off, this data will be wiped off.

Security Protocols

SurfShark offers four VPN protocols for users, you can choose one of them to encrypt and secure your online activities.

IKEv2: tends to work best when the server you’re connecting to is physically nearby, it is available for MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS and Fire TV applications.

OpenVPN: works best for long-distance connections or desktop operating systems, it is available for: macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, Fire TV and Linux applications.

WireGuard: WireGuard is less susceptible to security vulnerabilities as it’s easier to manage and audit. It also uses high-speed cryptographic primitives for better performance. It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.

Shadowsocks: it works great to help people overcome the restriction of the Great Firewall of China, it is available for Android and Windows applications.


Kill switch

The kill switch feature will automatically switch off the internet connection on your devices if SurfShark‘s VPN is disconnected suddenly. This ensures your traffic does not leak. You need to manually turn on this feature when connecting to SurfShark.

VPN split tunneling – called Whitelister

This is the software capability to have only some of your internet traffic go over VPN while the rest uses the internet as usual. And you’re the one to decide when it happens.

NoBorders Mode

This feature enables you to use SurfShark in restrictive regions especially in China and UE. NoBorders Mode not only detects any kind of restrictions on your network but also gives you a selected list of servers that perform the best under network restrictions. This feature will automatically turn on in the necessary case, or you can manually activate it. This feature is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, you can see instructions to turn it on here.

MultiHop servers 

Usually, your traffic is only sent to a server, but if you need to send sensitive data or your privacy, then you can use MultiHop servers that will send your traffic through 2 servers in 2 locations. This makes your internet speed slow down significantly so it is not essential to use it often because a server is enough to keep your data hidden. 

Camouflage Mode

Some countries ban people from using VPN in their territory, and Camouflage Mode is a helpful feature in this case because it is able to make your connection look like normal traffic. Nobody can realize your traffic is encrypted by VPN. This feature also helps you go through firewalls or block-restriction to access foreign website servers such as Netflix and Hulu. This feature is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux devices.


This feature adds an extra layer of authentication to your account, whenever you log in to your account, you will need to enter a verification sent to your email or authentication app (Google Authenticator). Thanks to this feature nobody can access your account without your permission. You can see detailed instructions to turn on 2FA in the Help Center of SurfShark.


This feature can block both ads and malware, while using ad-block browser extension, it only helps you to block ads.

GPS override for Android

Some applications on smartphones nowadays have a GPS function to locate your physical location, so GPS override is designed to make your physical location look the same as the VPN server you connected to. It means that both your IP address and GPS are disguised, so none of the apps can track where you are exactly.

For example, you switch on GPS override, when you are in London but you connect to a VPN server in Hong Kong. It will automatically match your GPS location with your chosen server’s location in Hong Kong.

Test speed

When turning on VPN mode, the internet connection to your device can be sometimes interrupted or internet speed can slow down by half or more. This is an unavoidable thing. However, you can look for the best VPN vendors who have efficient solutions to improve your internet speed and SurfShark is one of them.

I had tests to determine internet speed when connecting SurfShark in two different areas. 

First test, I connected SurfShark with the VPN server at my nearby location in Hong Kong. My internet speed without VPN is 98.56 Mbps, then the VPN-connected result reduced to 87.42 Mbps, with an over 1% decrease.

Original speed (Mbps) VPN-connected speed (Mbps)
98.56 87.42

Next test, I continued connecting to another server in the UK. This figure declined significantly to 32.4 Mbps, so my internet speed reduced by 66%. However, I found no interruption while streaming and browsing websites, even when I made calls a few times on social media platforms among countries. 

We realize that there are a lot of factors that affect your internet speed such as distance to the server, operating system, and device you are using. Besides, because all your data will be encrypted while using VPN mode, this also makes the internet connection slow down. Like any encryption service, SurfShark may cause a slight speed reduction, however, it doesn’t lead to any notable performance issues.


Tip: Subscribe for a one-year plan in SurfShark, you will get 81% off today, check it here!

SurfShark offers 3 deals for their users, including $12.95 per month, $38.94 every six months, and $59.74 per year. The longer plan you subscribe to, the more discount you get. It is very affordable at only $2.49 per month instead of $12.59 if you subscribe to a one-year-plan. 

You will receive the same offers with a 30-day money-back guarantee for all these plans. When you ask for a refund they will not ask for any reasons. Besides you can connect it with an unlimited number of devices for an account. 

SurfShark provides a variety of payment methods for the users 

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Crypto (Coingate and Coinpayments)
  • Android Store
  • Apple Store
  • Sofort (Germany)
  • iDeal (Netherlands)


  • Unlimited number of simultaneous devices to connect SurfShark  
  • Split tunneling allows some of your traffic to go via a VPN while other traffic gets the internet directly.
  • 24/7 friendly customer success team


  • Static IP address: as you only have the same IP address, it can be a bit easy for hackers to track your online activities.

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