The Best Native Ad Networks 2021

The Best Native Ad Networks 2021

If you are still hesitant about choosing a native ad network among a lot of opts out there, in this article, I will only recommend you the five best native ad networks. They not only have a massive resource in the market today but give you unique solutions to help you maximize your earning. But before jumping into these ad networks, we should know what is the native ad? And what is its benefit?

What is the native ad?

The native ad is an ad format that fits seamlessly into the look or function of the site in which it appears. Thanks to features, it helps brands engage with the audience effectively. Native ads can engage audiences effectively thanks to displaying content related to original sites. It also allows you to narrow targets and just focus on a specific targetting such as country, language, region, devices, etc. 

What is the benefit of the native ad?

  • It fits seamlessly into the user experience by showing contextually relevant content. It is so obvious to say no one likes the appearance of ads when they are surfing. In order to ensure this, these ads are designed to bend the native content of the platform. So they can be difficult to properly due to their ambiguous nature.
  • Reaching your marketing goals and building up the user’s trust with the brand. It looks like organic content, so almost ad blocking software does not detect the ad and ignore them.
  • Designed under various formats that entirely match the form and function of the sites in which they’re placed. They contain the relevant contents to the user’s concerns, that can engage and reach target customers
  • Offer greater conversions and more engagement than almost traditional ad types. This is easy to understand, native ads have a higher click-through rate than others. Because their looks are almost likely part of the page. The reader tends to click the ad if they want to know more relevant information.

What is a native ad network?

It can be said, native ad networks and ad networks are likewise an online ad platform, where advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad inventory. However, to point to the different thing, while ad networks can provide many types of traffic, native ad platforms mainly provide native traffic to help both parties match the right supply with the right demand. With this outstanding advantage, advertisers and publishers get far higher revenue on the original ad platform.

The best ad networks in 2021  

1. Taboola 

Taboola is the world’s largest native ad platform. In this platform, they will help marketers access the audience’s top site, Bild, Bloomberg, NBC News, Le Figaro, MSN, USA Today, The Weather Channel, and boost your conversion rate by delivering personalized content to users at the right time. In return, publishers will maximize their income from their traffic.

Devices: Desktop/Mobile

Ad formats: content recommendations, in-feed ads. 

Top Verticals: e-commerce, finance, health, technology, dating

Pricing model: CPA, CPC

2. Outbrain

Outbrain is a pioneer ad network in native ads. So not surprisingly, when they work with the world’s top media companies and brands such as CNN, US Weekly, MSN, WSJ, and The Guardian that is why advertisers can connect highly engaging customers through this platform. And publishers empower to absolutely control their ad places to get the highest profits.

Device: Desktop/Mobile

Ad formats: recommended content, content widgets, in-feed ads, search and promoted listings

Verticals: e-commerce, technology, and apps, finance, health and beauty, education, automotive, hobby.

Pricing model: CPA, CPC

3. Google AdSense

Even if I don’t remind AdSense in this list, surely, you can’t ignore them. They are so notorious in the advertising industry, especially specialize in native ads. In spite of being picky for publishers, they are an extremely potential platform for worldwide publishers. The reason for this could be that it was established by Google, so they have a limitless resource from advertisers. Their platform includes popular solutions – auto ads will automatically scan and send relevant ads to your site and responsive ads are adaptable to any devices and platforms, help your ad place have the best performance.

Device: Desktop/Mobile

Ad formats: in-feed, in-article, matched content, link unit ads.

Verticals: most verticals 

Pricing model: CPM, CPC


MGID is an innovative global native advertising network. Likewise, they provide advertisers access to unique global audiences from exclusive partnerships, top worldwide publishers to secure the best performance for your campaign. Besides, they will deliver native ads, which contain related content, to the publisher’s site and carefully screen each ad from advertisers before being displayed. As a result, publishers monetize and engage audiences most organically with the highest yield.

Device: Desktop/Mobile

Ad formats: recommended content, 

Verticals e-commerce, finance, health and beauty, technology and apps, dating, binary, education, real estate, automotive, travel.

Pricing model: CPC

5. Revcontent 

Another powerhouse in native advertising is Revcontent. It has the capability of connecting advertisers with the world’s premier digital publishers over the world. Besides, empowering advertisers to fully customize the campaign and using native widgets to create a truly frictionless user experience, increase sales, audience growth, and brand loyalty. Furthermore, publishers can be guaranteed to monetize traffic at 20%+ higher rates than other platforms by their solution.

Device:  Desktop/Mobile

Ad formats: Native Ads, Widget, and Sponsored Content

Verticals: e-commerce, finance, health and beauty, political content.

Pricing model: CPC, CPM

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