Webgains Affiliate Network Review

Webgains Affiliate Network Review 

» Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant, you should prioritize choosing big and trustworthy affiliate networks to join. Because this is necessary for your business development. Firstly, they have a large market with various businesses for you to work together. Secondly, you can connect with the most relevant partners, and your reach is extended to more target customers. Finally, generating a large amount of income and building up the customer’s trust for your brand in the long run. 

What is Webgains? 

» Founded in 2005 and since 2006 it’s been part of the ad pepper media International N.V. Webgains is a high-performance affiliate marketing company that can connect affiliates and merchants across the world. Working on cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise, they have built a unique platform that helps their partners from blue-chip to start-ups at the top of their game. Moreover, every step of the way, they provide support and academic courses and expert coaching, helping you get insightful awareness of what you do. 

» Specifically, here they focus on generating sales by connecting the right publishers at the right time with the right content. Helping you target the right customers, boost your brain’s reach, and increase conversion. Their advertisers include a large number of big brands in various fields so that publishers can get programs suitable for their niches to promote and receive high commissions.

So How Does It Work? 

» Once you sign up for an account with Webgains, you will properly gain access to the necessary tools to set up your campaign. First, merchants need to upload the information of product(s) which you want to promote. Then, you need to add offers to these products. Adding the details for products is really important because affiliates will rely on these to search for the products related to the affiliate’s website to promote. Affiliates are people who own blogs, websites, social media channels. Webgains allows all kinds of the website to work with them. Likewise most affiliate marketing platforms, in order to receive the commission from merchants, affiliates have to drive traffic to the product page and generate sales for the merchant. When someone makes the sales via your site, you can get a valid commission. The commission of each campaign is suggested by merchants. 

» As mentioned above, Webgains is a performance-based marketing. It means affiliates can not get paid for impressions and clicks and commission-only paid for sales so that merchants can be guaranteed to get valued conversions from prospects. 

» Through your dashboard, you can track the whole metrics for all campaigns such as the number of sales driven by affiliates, and the conversion made via phone calls or leads. On the other hand, affiliates also use trackable links for tracking all successful sales via the links. Precise metrics are a crucial thing for affiliate programs. There are lots of high-end clients using this network, clients such as Nike, AliExpress, ToysRUs, Samsung, Oakley, etc.

How to sign up with Webgains?

» Merchants can send an email to ask for joining Webgains or fill out the information they ask when you sign up for an account. You are asked to describe your business and plans to promote products. After submitting the signup form, someone will get in touch with you. 

» Webgains allows all affiliates to work with them, but they need 24 hours to review your site to make sure it meets their criteria. Once you are approved, you can start searching for related programs. In order to advertise these programs, you have to apply to merchants who own them. If your site has high volume traffic and good content, you will have more opportunities to work with big brands. 

The benefits 

  • With 1800 campaigns available and 250,000 publishers, reaching 211 countries, your campaigns are distributed to every corner of the world, generating many conversions. 
  • In order to help their partners have a passive income, also expand their business, they offer all partner a 10% commission if you refer customers to them 
  • There are thousands of programs of various niches and many big names such as Aliexpress, Nike, and Samsung. 
  • Only publishers who have high volume website traffic work on their platform.
  • Good integration with shopping carts and sales pages. 

The drawback 

  • Merchants have to pay a fee to set up their campaigns.
  • There is no information available on the website.
  • No support a Live chat 

Fees and pricing

» You will not find any pricing information on Webgians’s main site. So merchants need to keep in touch with the sales team to get this information.  Merchants need to add funds to the account to launch the campaign. The amount will be charged for each and every affiliate sale and service costs. 


» Webgains is so far an affiliate network that would be a perfect connection for online businesses to expand their reach on a global scale. They provide a comprehensive platform with full tools to launch your affiliate program, boost your website traffic, and increase sales.  


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