What Are Pop-up and Pop-under Ads

How To Use Pop Ads Effectively?

» It is not an odd thing when your visitors have complaints about pop-up and pop-under ads on your site. And some media companies accept this in exchange for the high ad fee. But does it deserve? Because of this ad forms, you are losing your visitors and it means your website traffic is decreasing as well. Therefore, in this article, I would like to share some effective ways so that pop-up and pop-under ads can impact your site positively as well as improve the conversion rates incredibly. Before going further these measures, I will also show you about what pop-up and pop-under ads mean.

What is a pop-up ad?

» They are small windows or light boxes that suddenly show up and block the current visual interface. In online advertising, it is used commonly and has become a format trend of many enterprises. It is triggered by a certain action of visitors to website or as soon as the visitor land on the page. The ad is displayed on large spaces and forces audiences to watch the ad content before watching the main site. Through this ad type, advertisers can get higher click-through and conversion rates than other forms. Otherwise, this ad form is quite risk for publishers as some people are really sensitive with this ad form, the cost of each click of advertisement is charged higher the cost of other forms. In addition, they are flexible and can apply most types of advertisements.



What is a pop-under ad?

» In contrast to pop-up, it is a type of window appearing behind the website you are viewing. It is also triggered on similar ways with pop-ups. They do not interrupt user experiences, only appear when the user closes the main browser window. The obvious benefit of pop-under is not intrusive to the current browser as well as any ad formats on this window. Consequently, in order to see this browser the user has to close the current browser window, so it is more likely to capture the user’s attention at the last-sight. It is like pop-up ads, they are flexible and can apply to most types of advertisements.

How to make money with them positively? 

» Pop-ups should follow the following criteria:

  • Limit number of times showing ads to visitors. The visitors will never revisit your website which continuously displays pop-ads, you should know that the biggest problem of the ad is too intrusive that is really obtrusive. So, you should only allow the ad appear 2-3 times to each audience.
  • Be easy to close them. Do not try to hide the close button or force the user to land on another site, this can make them upset with the website.
  • Last but not least, the ad should have an attractive and impressive design so that visitors want to click to get more information. In addition, as mentioned above, do not try to hide the close button, the content should be shown evidently and properly.

» Pop-under ads should follow the following criteria: 

  • Not attach video with audio, when using this ad it means you don’t want distract users experiences. As a result, you shouldn’t attach the audio as well. 
  • You should set frequency cap properly. Because, you will only waste money if the ad display too much but not approach the audience effectively.
  • Only show clean contents. Surely, displaying clean and quality contents are the most important things to encourage visitors to revisit this site, because simply, no one feel like cheating stuffs.

The best pop ad networks 

» PopAds, Proppellerads, Bidvertiser, Popcash, …

» If you have any more information about this theme, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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