What is Native Ad and Types of Native Ad

What Is Native Ad? Types of Native Ad

» Native ads can be considered as a powerful tool in online marketing due to their awesome benefits for digital advertising. However, definition of native ads is quite hard to imagine for some people. So that they can not effectively apply them to each campaign. So in below, I would accurately show you what it is and how to classify each type and specific example. Finally, it is the benefit of them to digital marketing. 

What is Native Advertising?

» Native advertising is paid content that matches with form and function of the media format in which they appear and looks like part of the page. They perform under many types of advertisements such as video, article or editorial which have the coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the platform. 

Types of Native Advertising 

» In order to respond to user’s demand well, they are conveniently divided into 6 typical formats. Accordingly, no matter what category you are in, you can optimize your campaigns effortlessly through those formats.

Here are 6 native ad formats every marketer should know about.

  • Paid Search Units: they are the listing of results appearing top-of-the-page on search engine results, those placements have been sold to advertisers to ensure an optimal ad slot on these search engine page. Those native ads look generally a format and layout similar to the organic search results. 

  • Promoted listings: they are certain products, services, etc, paid to be presented on an e-commerce site or agency, and their appearances almost look like the organic listings. It means these results can be the things you are looking for or similar things you may be interested in.

  • In-feed units: they are ad units placed in the website’s ordinary content, these help in monetizing your website and provide a better user experience to your visitors. These ad units can be sponsored content or obvious ads.

  • Recommended Widgets: those widgets mostly appear at the side of a web page or at the end of the article you are reading and they are often attracted to a pretext “recommended for you”. These widgets can either be relevant to ordinary contain or not link to content or context where they appear.

  • In-Ad (With Native Element) Units: they definitely look the same forms of other ads, but they are contextually relevant to the publisher’s site they appear. For example, Campbell’s is promoted on allrecipes.com is an ad unit. And it would be considered as a native ad because its content contextually looks relevant to the page.


  • Custom: this category is left for the odd ends and ads that do not conform to any of the other content categories. They pay for potential media partnerships to become premium items.

Why do native ads work so effectively?

» Native ads are generated to overcome the disadvantages of other ad types. While traditional ads consistently distract the readers, native ads focus on how to drive users naturally to contextually relevant content. Below, it is several recognizable advantages of them.

  • It fits seamlessly into the user experience by showing contextually relevant contents. It is so obvious to say no one likes the appearance of ads when they are surfing. In order to ensure this, these ads are designed to bend the native content of the platform. So they can be difficult to properly due to their ambiguous nature.
  • Reaching your marketing goals and building up the user’s trust with the brand. It looks like organic content, so almost ad blocking software does not detect the ad and ignore them.
  • Designed under various formats that entirely match the form and function of the sites in which they’re placed. They contain the relevant contents to the user’s concerns, that can engage and reach target customers
  • Offer greater conversions, and more engagement than almost traditional ad types.This is easy to understand, native ads have a higher click-through rate than others. Because their looks are almost likely part of the page. The reader tends to click the ad if they want to know more relevant information.

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