Zeropark Ad Network Review

Zeropark Ad Network Review

How to get great solutions for your campaign and improve the conversion rate effectively? You can probably find out the answer to this question on Zeropark. That is also the main purpose for me to write this review today.  In this way, I will share with you their features and step-to-step to create a campaign on this platform.


Generally, Zeropark is a self-service platform for your performance marketing campaign and also specializes in push, pop, and domain traffic. The most benefit of this platform is to allow advertisers to choose traffic type to run the campaign. Especially with RON, you can target a specific country on all devices.

Moreover, they now have over 1 billion monthly available clicks and over 88 billion monthly available redirects, AI-powered optimization tools, or RBO new features to optimize your campaign. And you can also track your whole essential with the real-time report.

How to Create a Campaign on Zeropark?

After logging into your Zeropark account, click on “New Campaign”, on the top menu

There are 3 options for traffic type: 

  • Domain: your typical redirect
  • Premium PPV: your typical popup
  • Push: mobile and desktop notifications

On the next page, they will show 4 targeting options, including RON, Keyword, Target/Source, Multi-Geo. You can read the description f of each option to understand their features before selecting one. 

Next step, depending on the selected traffic type and traffic targeting option, some basic settings may differ. But every campaign, regardless of the type of targeting you choose, requires to provide the following details:

Campaign name: Provide a name for your campaign.
Geo-targeting: Define the country or a region from which you would like to receive traffic.
Bid: Set the amount you would like to pay per visitor redirected to your landing page.
Daily budget: Cap your daily spend or set to Unlimited if you’d like to receive as much traffic as possible.
Campaign budget: Cap the total amount that you are willing to spend on a given campaign or set to Unlimited if you wish to keep spending.
Traffic buying model: Choose whether you want to Buy Traffic Smoothly with filters in place to prevent campaign overspend or All Available traffic where you will buy traffic without thresholds to prevent overspend.
Targets Daily Budget: Choose a cap for how much can be spent on an individual target ID in a 24-hour time range.
Sources Daily Budget: Choose a cap for how much can be spent on an individual source ID in a 24-hour time range.
Traffic Filters: Choose if you want to receive traffic from desktop computers, mobile devices, or both (advanced settings allow you to pick a mobile OS and versions, desktop OS, browser, carrier traffic, or specific carriers). 
Frequency Filters: Choose how often a unique user is allowed to visit your page in a given time range.
Traffic type: Choose a type of traffic that you would like to receive, either traffic from adult or non-adult sources.
Day Parting: Choose the hours in which your campaign should run. 
Destination URL: Provide a URL of your website or landing page where you want the traffic to be sent.
Conversion tracking: Select the tracker you use to generate a traffic source postback URL.
Conversion payout: Select either automatic payout tracking or manual. If you select the latter, provide a payout value.
Conversion capping: Choose if you want to set a limit of conversions for a given campaign. 
Campaign state after approval: Choose to have the campaign paused or active once it is approved.


  • Fast set up campaign
  • Offers a variety of ad formats
  • You can choose your traffic type for the campaign
  • User-friendly platform
  • Easy navigation for interface 
  • Great support
  • High-quality traffic volumes


  • Not all Available traffic work properly

Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: push, pops, domain redirect, in-app
  • Cost Model: CPV, eCPA, CPC
  • Verticals: Adult, Non-Adult (Gambling, Sports Betting, Finance, Crypto, eCommerce, Leadgen, Dating, Trading, Nutra)

Payment & Investment

  • Minimum Deposit: 200$
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, wire (minimum payment 50$)
  • Contact Methods: email, Skype, Messenger, Personal account manager.

If you have any information and question about Zeropark, please feel free to us know by commenting below.

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